How does DiligenceDue service affect the bottom line?
A DiligenceDue assessment of your technology is confidential, objective, systematic, credible, widely informed and fixed-price. It needs your input but it does not absorb your critical resources. It arms you with facts when obtaining cooperation, support or funding for your business initiative. The pay-back comes when you use the facts to build the case for your proposition and gain commitment.

Can DiligenceDue save money?
A DiligenceDue assessment saves you money because you do not have to recruit and pay for staff with expertise in the markets you want researched. We use our network of industry experts instead. With a fixed price work package you have nothing more to pay once the work is delivered.

Can DiligenceDue help me make money?
You can get on with your money-making initiatives sooner and maybe recognise bigger and better opportunities if you obtain a DiligenceDue technology assessment. After all, we get involved in many industries and sometimes we make very meaningful connections between them.

Can DiligenceDue help me borrow money?
If your business depends on technological innovation, an assessment from DiligenceDue is an important step towards confirming the market potential of your product and planning the optimum exploitation strategy for it. If you confirm the market potential you are simply easier to lend money to.

Does the method work?
The DiligenceDue service uses methods of analysis and assessment that have been tried, tested and refined on intellectual property arising in many technical areas and many industry sectors. Typically the methods have been used on large-scale intellectual property portfolios in large companies such as BTexact and BAE Systems. DiligenceDue brings the methods to bear on specific initiatives associated with particular projects involving innovation and entrepreneurship. This makes the methods applicable for smaller organisations too.